What Is Entertaiment?


Entertaiment, as the name suggests, is any activity that makes an audience happy. Entertaiment can take the form of music, dance, and comedy, among other forms. Here are some examples. Read on to discover what you can call entertaintaiment and what your audience will love.

It can include comedy

Comedy is a type of entertainment that aims to make people laugh, often by imitating the way people talk or act. It can be categorized into different genres, depending on the origin of the humor and the context. While most forms of comedy can fit into a single category, some subgenres have specific characteristics that make them stand out from others. Some examples of subgenres include farce, comedy of manners, and burlesque. Other types of comedy include satire, which mimics the conventions of a genre. Parodies of news, such as The Onion, are examples of this genre. Australia has also made use of comedy in various forms, including the production of Utopia and comedy programs such as The Good Life.

It can include drama

The term “entertainment” can refer to both drama and comedy. It can also refer to music. Comedy is a genre of theater that is written with the purpose of amusing the audience. The main difference between comedy and drama is the subject matter. Comedy is written for the purpose of entertaining and drama is written to convey a specific message.