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The most common type of newspaper is a broadsheet, which has a paper size of 600 mm (23+1/2 in) by 380 mm (15+3/4 in). Other forms of newspapers include tabloids, which are half the size of a broadsheet, and microdaily papers, which offer lower ad rates than their tabloid counterparts.

There are also several types of newspaper specialized in specific subjects, such as business, crime, or sports. Larger newspapers may have a staff of editors who are responsible for different subject areas. Smaller newspapers often have a single editor responsible for all content.

In some smaller newspapers, a staff of reporters is used. These reporters are often hired by a news editor and then assigned to particular departments within the paper.

A reporter’s job is to write news reports, which can range from a simple feature article on a local event to an extensive investigative story about a national issue. A good reporter will be able to take the facts of a news event and turn them into a compelling story that readers want to read.

To make a good report, you must be clear about the key facts and figures of your story, as well as who the people involved are. In addition, it is essential to provide supplementary information that will help the reader understand the story better.

This includes a brief background on the person or people behind the story, as well as quotes from experts and interviews with key players. This will help your report stand out from the rest and allow your readers to have a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

It’s also helpful to mention how the event has affected the area or community. For example, if a local company wins a major contract, this could be a good time to run an article about the success of the business.

You can also use a photo or illustration to illustrate your story, which will help readers visualize what you are talking about. A photo of a man in a wheelchair overcoming architectural barriers in his neighborhood is an excellent way to illustrate a story about the rising HIV rate among heterosexual women, for example.