The Daily News and Yale Daily News

Founded in 1919, the New York Daily News is one of the largest newspapers in the United States. It is the first newspaper to be printed in tabloid format and has won several Pulitzer Prizes for journalism. The paper is owned by Tronc, a division of the Tribune Company, and is located in Manhattan. It is known for its city-centered crime reporting and hard-hitting journalism.

The Daily News is well regarded for its investigative work, especially in the areas of public corruption and criminal justice. The paper also has a strong presence in sports and celebrity coverage. Its editorial stance is generally liberal and the paper has endorsed Democratic candidates for President in recent years. It is known for its sensational headlines that often use loaded words and appeal to emotion.

Its readers are primarily from the New York metropolitan area, but it has a national readership as well. The paper has won multiple Pulitzer prizes for its journalism, including two in the category of public service. In addition to its news coverage, the Daily News also has an extensive opinion section that covers a wide range of topics. It has been criticized for its tendency to favor high-profile subjects over local issues.

In addition to its print edition, the Daily News has an extensive online presence with an active social media presence and an online store. The website allows users to browse the latest headlines, news and video clips. It also features a search function and allows users to subscribe to email notifications when new stories are posted.

The Yale Daily News, which was established on January 28, 1878, is the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States. It is financially and editorially independent of the university. The paper publishes Monday through Friday during the academic year, and produces several special issues each year in collaboration with the various cultural centers at Yale and the city of New Haven.

Daily News is a popular choice for many students to keep up with current events and politics. While the Daily News is considered to have a moderate to strong liberal bias, it has a high-to-moderate factual accuracy rating and a reasonable fact check record. Its biased stance can be overcome by reading the newspaper in conjunction with other sources to obtain multiple perspectives.

Each day’s article includes comprehension and critical thinking questions, as well as “Background” and “Resources” that provide further information on the topic. These resources will help students develop a deeper understanding of the articles and support the answers to the comprehension questions. The questions and resources can be found below each article, or can be accessed by clicking the “Read more” link in the bottom right corner of each article. In order to access these additional resources, you must be logged into your educator account. If you do not have an educator account, please create one by signing up here. Each issue of Daily News also contains a weekly news quiz that can be used to test students’ knowledge of the latest events.