Sports Betting Tips

sports betting

Whether you’re new to sports betting, or you’re a veteran pro, there are some tips to follow to make betting more profitable. One of these tips is to avoid betting with money you don’t have. In other words, bet only on games you can afford to lose. You may also want to use a flat-betting approach, which involves betting a fixed amount on each game. For example, you might bet 1% to 5% of your bankroll per play.

Underage sports betting prohibited

Underage sports betting is illegal in most states. However, online sportsbooks do allow bets from individuals as young as 18 years old. These sportsbooks will verify their bettors’ age before allowing them to place their bets. Underage gambling has many risks and should be avoided at all costs.

Point spreads

Point spreads are numbers that represent projected margin of victory for the favorite over the underdog. They vary from event to event and can be affected by factors such as home-field advantage and weather.


When betting on sports, the moneyline is an important factor to keep in mind. The moneyline is the difference between the team’s odds and the line that is being offered by the sportsbook. You should try to find out if the lines have diverged significantly from previous games. This can help you make better moneyline bets.


Total sports betting involves wagering on the total score of a game. The final score is the total of both teams’ total points scored in the game. If the total score is higher than the sportsbook’s line, you’ll win your bet. If it’s lower, you’ll lose your bet.

Futures bets

Sports betting enthusiasts have a variety of options when it comes to placing futures bets. Depending on the game and the season, futures bets may come in different forms. In most cases, you’ll place a wager prior to the start of the season. While futures bets are risky, they can be incredibly lucrative for serious sports fans.

Prop bets

Prop bets are bets that are placed on a particular outcome, such as the winner of a football game. They are often popular in the NFL because of the abundance of scoring and the quarterback position. Some sportsbooks also offer props on the length of a national anthem, the color of Gatorade, or other exotic situations. Props are not as prevalent in other sports, though.