How to Find the Latest News on the Web

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News is the information people need to make informed decisions and improve their lives. It can help them understand key trends affecting the world, find spiritual, recreational and cultural opportunities, decide how to best spend their money, learn about beneficial health news and much more!

Today, more people get their news from social media than from newspapers. As a result, news stories can be more varied and difficult to keep up with than ever before.

There are a lot of great news sources online that can give you the latest updates in your area and the rest of the world. We’ve gathered some of our favorites below to help you stay up-to-date on the latest events and stories.

Google News: Smart news for everyone

Read national and local headlines, browse full-page articles and discover your favorite sources with our simple and personalized news feed. We’ll also give you breaking news updates throughout the day. Organize the news that matters to you with our for-you tab and keep track of what’s going on in your city with our live weather reports.

PressReader: Access Today’s Newspapers and Magazines from Around the World

Whether you want to keep up with current events or learn about different cultures, our collection of more than 100 newspapers and magazines will give you access to the news and culture of your choice. Plus, you can download them for offline reading!

Anchorage Daily News on Microfilm

The Loussac Library has a large collection of Alaska newspapers on microfilm including the Anchorage Times (1916-1992), Anchorage Daily News (1949-2018), Fairbanks News Miner (1908-1996) and Juneau Empire. The articles in these papers are text only and do not include photos or advertisements. To search for specific articles, use the date ranges provided or contact the library to find out if we have what you’re looking for.

USA’s Most Trusted Newsstream Database

We now subscribe to US Newsstream through ProQuest so you can find a huge selection of the most important and widely read American newspapers on the web. Streaming video of NBC nightly news broadcasts is available (requires RealPlayer) and abstracts are available for a number of national and regional newspapers. You can even sign up for email alerts when new content is added!

America’s Most Trusted Newsstream Database

Our new subscription provides you with access to a massive collection of news resources from over 13,000 sources worldwide. You’ll find a wide range of national and international sources from major newspapers, magazines, government publications, and more. You’ll be able to find the latest local news, global business, health and sports news from over 10,000 trusted sources including CNN, The Washington Post, New York Times, Reuters, Yahoo News, The Guardian, AP, Google News, and more!

* Curated Top Stories of the Day and Premium Content like Skullduggery podcasts, highlighting scandals and investigations in the Trump era.

Breaking news alerts are available for a variety of popular topics, so you’ll never miss an important story. You can even set up your own personal newsfeed to receive updates when you’re most interested in a topic. You can also choose to save your settings and download the content for offline reading through our app!